Reduce Fuel Expenditure

Escalating fuel costs are one of the biggest challenges facing any business today. Rather than result to scaling down your fleet, the best outcome is to focus on lowering fuel costs by cutting operating expenses tied to fuel consumption.

Our system produces real time reports which will assist you in reducing costs by highlighting to the following:

  • Driver Behaviour— With speeding alerts, harsh braking and harsh acceleration detection, you now gain an insight into the behaviour of your drivers - alloying you to identify areas of fuel missuse
  • Engine Idling — Every moment a vehilce spends idling  means time spent needlessly wasting fuel , as well as rougher wear on your vehicle. Excessive idling can be eradicated with immediate alerts
  • Private Mileage — Make sure the privilege is not abused. Motrak gives you the information you need to reduce private use and save money.
  • Efficient Route Planning — Identify drivers who repeatedly diverge from pre-planned routes, typically driving longer distances and therefore using excessive fuel.

Motrak offers all of the above many other features which will help your company combat unnecessary fuel usage all for as little a 33p per day.