Fixed Price Fuel

The commercial fuel markets are complex and difficult to navigate, so we have formed a strategic partnership with Juice Fuel Management, a leading independent fuel broker, to provide you with expert advice. By working closely with Juice we can provide a range of leading solutions for this critical area of business expenditure.

It may come as no surprise that all major consumers of fleet fuel buy at trade rates through the commercial markets as opposed to paying the full retail price like everyone else. This commercial price is linked to the Platts formula which is published each week offering a fixed price to those customers that subscribe to this mechanism.

There are a number of influences over commercial fuel prices such as the Dollar to pound exchange rate, crude oil prices and market forces such as demand, supply and speculation. Juice Fuel Management are able to explain the nuances of the commercial market enabling you to evaluate different options and make an informed choice.

Commercially priced fuelcards typically offer savings of 3 to 8 pence per litre. Not only does this offer substantial cost savings to companies directly, but also potentially to drivers for their private fuel expenditure.

The Juice commercial pricing structure is fixed weekly across the UK, and includes 70% of Motorway Service Stations, all Tesco and all Morrison sites

Talk to us today to see how we can help you to access the commercial fuel markets and start saving for your company.