Contract Hire

Contract hire is a risk-free solution that offers you vehicles without the large capital outlay, or the responsibilities of ownership.

Our pricing structure guarantees that our clients get the most competitive rental from us every time, we don’t offer headline rates for the following reasons:

Price is always an important factor, but the true cost of the vehicle is not the rental but the overall cost including any documentation fees, termination charges and damage recharges at the end of the contract.

The size of your fleet dictates the level of additional rebate we are able to secure on your behalf.  Motiva, is skilled in securing the very best terms for its clients through a structured tender process.

The key benefits of Contract Hire

Cost control

Fixed monthly costs mean you can control your vehicle costs and improve your cash flow.


Servicing and maintenance can be included in your monthly rental enabling you to budget more effectively.

Release Capital

Vehicles are treated as off balance sheet.

No risk

Remove the risk on residual value and maintenance, come the end of the contract, there is no need to worry about how much the vehicle is worth, you simply select a new one.


Contract Hire can be utilised for virtually any car or light commercial vehicle.

Expert Advice

We can help you choose the right vehicle, contract length and mileage. Our team can also advise on other issues, such as legislative and environmental considerations.

Reduced Administration

We’ll remove the administrative burden of operating a fleet, helping you save money and focus on your core business.